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La Palma: Casas rurales - cottages and apartments

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map of La Palma On these pages you visit wonderful cottages in Fuencaliente, the sunny southern tip of La Palma.


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Fuencaliente – Holidays in the sunny south of La Palma

To the municipal area of Fuencaliente belongs the main village Los Canarios and the villages Las Indias, Los Quemados and Las Caletas.

The more to the South, the younger the soil. The North of La Palma is, like La Gomera, several million years old, whereas on the southern headland a small active volcano is erupting every 50 years, generating new soil. For the last time the Volcán de Teneguía was spitting fire and ashes in 1971, where nowerdays the Palmeros are cultivating very good wine on the fertile soil.

Fuencaliente, La Palma
Los Canarios
»Los Canarios
Playa Echentive
»Playa Echentive

»Casa rural La Time (Las Indias)

• Tastefully restored cottage with sea view

• Price for 2 people: 63 €

• Price for 4 people: 77 €
This accommodation has internet access.

rural cottage on La Palma

»Casa rural Los Mangos (Las Indias)

• Beautifully situated cottage

• With ample garden, veranda with jacuzzi

• Price for 2 people: 68 €
This accommodation has internet access.

Cottage with ample garden and veranda with jacuzzi

»Casa rural La Gorona (Las Indias)

• Cosy cottage over two floors

• With nice garden and wonderful sea view

• Price for 2 people: 58 €
This accommodation has internet access.

La Palma accommodation

»Villa La Malvasía (Los Quemados)

• Holiday villa for up to 6 people

• Wonderful view of the sea and the sunset

• Price for 2 people: 83 €
This accommodation has internet access.

Villa La Malvasía

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GOMERA-individual: La Palma

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