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el hierro : la plus petite île canarie

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age-old juniper
»age-old juniper, El Sabinar
The island's landmark: In the very South West of El Hierro you can admire some age-old juniper trees, the remains of erstwhile extensive juniper forests. In former times these buckled giants were allowed to stand, as handling the wood wasn't convenient.

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wild island far away

El Hierro is a beautiful island covered with hilly volcanos. The Herreños are proud of their island with its fertile Golfo-valley and the evergreen, rolling plateau in the heart of the island.
Roques de Salmor
»Roques de Salmor
Valle del Golfo, El Hierro
»Valle del Golfo
plateau, El Hierro

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The smallest of the Canaries is also the youngest island: Three million years old it is still in an early stage. Other than on the neighbouring islands, you won't find the typical monumental rock formations of erodet cores of volcanos and hardly any Barrancos (canyons), instead you can discover the softly rounded volcanic cones throughout El Hierro. In the South widespread fields of lava witness the last eruption in the year 1793. field of lava in the South (El Hierro)
»field of lava in the South

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a paradise for hiking

untouched nature
»untouched nature
secluded beach
»secluded beach
El Hierro is a hiker's paradise: The majority of the most beautiful landcapes are approachable by foot only. Take a rest at one of the hidden sandy beaches and discover untouched nature on your own - or twosome.

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