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map On these pages, we have arranged for you a selection of the most charming holiday rentals on El Hierro. Cottages and fincas in Erese, Guarazoca, Mocanal and Tigaday; a cottage near the beach in Tamaduste on the east coast, and a romantic cottage in beautiful San Andrés.
»San Andrés

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The quiet hamlet Erese is situated several kilometres away from Valverde. From the slopes, gently descending to the sea, arises a grand view of the ocean and the sunset.
Erese (El Hierro)
landscape, below Erese (El Hierro)
»landscape, below Erese
landscape, near Erese (El Hierro)
»landscape, near Erese

»Finca Monteverde

• Cottage with tropical fruit garden

• No neighbours

• Price for 2 people: 60 €

Finca in Erese, El Hierro

»Casa rural Tía Lucila

• Rustic cottage on the outskirts of the village

• Wonderful sea view, absolutely quiet

• Price for 2 people: 59 €
This accommodation provides internet access.

Casa rural in Erese, Hierro

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Guarazoca (El Hierro)
The inhabitants of the small village in the West of the island love, like all Herreños, tranquility and peace. They cultivate their gardens and meet for the Lucha Canaria. There is a corner shop in the village. Guarazoca is situated half way between the small capital Valverde (8 km) and La Frontera (12 km).

»Casa rural La Asomada

• Smart cottage with a wide view

• Three terraces with view of the sunset

• Price for 2 people: 73 €

rentals on El Hierro

»Casa La Sabina

• High-quality holiday home, very quiet location

• Price for 2 people: 70 €
• Price for 4 people: 82 €
This accommodation has internet access.

holiday home, El Hierro, Guarazoca

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The village of Mocanal is situated halfway between Valverde and the Golfo-valley. The village offers some pleasant restaurants with laid-back citizens and a small supermarket "Terencio".
Mocanal (El Hierro)
Mocanal (Hierro)
Mocanal (Hierro)

»Casa rural Los Arcos

• Cottage for up to four people

• Very quiet location on the outskirts of the village

• Price for 2 people: 58 €
This accommodation provides internet access.

Casa rural Los Arcos, El Hierro


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Tigaday (Valle del Golfo)

Tigaday (El Hierro)
Valle del Golfo, Hierro
»Valle del Golfo
Tigaday is a part of La Frontera, the main village of the Golfo-valley in the West of the island. Like everywhere on El Hierro, Tigaday is rural and tranquil, the view of the mirroring ocean accompanies the observer throughout every place of the village.

»Villa la Hiedra

• Four star villa with pool

• Splendid view of the sea and the sunset

• Price for up to 5 people: 109 €
This accommodation provides internet access.

Villa in Tigaday, El Hierro

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El Tamaduste

The sun shines practically every day in the North East, in El Tamaduste, a tranquil village of 200 inhabitants. People meet at the "charco natural", a small bay sheltered from the waves, a fine place for snorkling and splashing. Valverde, the capital of El Hierro, is 8 km away, the airport 3 km.
El Tamaduste (El Hierro)
»El Tamaduste
El Tamaduste
»El Tamaduste
charco natural de El Tamaduste
»charco natural de El Tamaduste

»Casa rural El Cangrejo

• Quietly situated detached cottage at the sea

• Price for up to 2 people: 60 €

• Price for up to 4 people: 75 €

cottage in Tamaduste, Hierro

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San Andrés

San Andrés is our favourite spot. In winter mostly in the clouds, in summer under bright blue sky, lies this pristine village with about 1000 inhabitants, ideal for guests seeking peace and deceleration and for those who love hiking and to discover the whole island without having to spend too much time in the car.
San Andrés (El Hierro)
»San Andrés
San Andrés, El Hierro
»San Andrés
landscape near San Andrés, El Hierro
»landscape near San Andrés

»Casa rural Sanjora II

• Rustic and cosy cottage with oven

• Price for 2 people: 55 €

• Price for 4 people: 69 €

Casa rural Sanjora II in San Andrés (El Hierro)

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»finca monteverde
»casa rural tia lucila


»casa rural la asomada
»casa la sabina


»casa rural los arcos

tigaday (golfo-valley)

»villa la hiedra


»casa rural el cangrejo

san andrés

»casa rural sanjora II

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