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la gomera – a quiet tip with a green soul

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map The small Canary island in the Atlantic Ocean, La Gomera, is the ideal vacation spot for those seeking peace and quiet and spending the most wonderful time of the year experiencing the joy of wandering beyond worn pathways. Discover our secret tip with heart – for hiking, experiencing nature and for rest and relaxation.

»San Sebastián de la Gomera – the largest village with big-city flair
»Hermigua – a hikers' paradise and for fans of secluded beaches
»Vallehermoso – the authentic Gomera
»Agulo – a picture perfect village
»National Park Garajonay – the mystical forest
»Playa de Santiago – endless Summer
»Valle Gran Rey – the Valley of the Great King

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San Sebastián de la Gomera – the largest village with big-city flair

Playa de la Cueva
»Playa de la Cueva
Although the lively small capital does not count more than about 6000 inhabitants, you will notice an appreciable difference between this place and the rest of the island: Two city beaches with lava sand, cosy cafés under Indian laurels, and fine restaurants invite you to a relaxing vacation, where the sun shines 340 days a year with constantly high temperatures.

»our most beautiful pictures of San Sebastián de la Gomera

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Hermigua – a hikers' paradise and for fans of secluded beaches

The valley of Hermigua stretches from the national park in the island interior all the way to the sea. The inhabitants are proud of the fact that they enjoy the best climate in the world: here there are mild temparatures year-round.

»our most beautiful pictures of Hermigua
evergreen hillside of Hermigua
»evergreen hillside of Hermigua
Playa de la Caleta
»Playa de la Caleta

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Vallehermoso – the authentic Gomera

Roque Cano
»Roque Cano
Vallehermoso, the "beautiful valley", is the ideal place for those seeking quiet and relaxation. The valley is treated as an insider tip for hikers, active and nature loving visitors will be amazed of the beautiful trails. Impressive mountains, fairy woods and a rough coast are the natural barriers of Vallehermoso. The guard and symbol of Vallehermoso is Roque Cano, a huge rock rising above the village, that has been (a very long time ago) La Gomera's first volcano.

The Pico del Teide on Tenerife is the highest mountain of spain and seems to be within reach from here, but fortunately Tenerife's hectic pace is far, far away.

The years left Vallehermoso without a trace. The times, when agriculture was a big profit for this valley are long gone. But little supermarkets, restaurants, banks and even a cybercafé assure the visitor to be in 21st century. The villagers, considering such modernity, stay calm: Still there's time enough for having a chinwag and the strangers are warmly welcome for a chat.

»our most beautiful pictures of Vallehermoso
Plaza de Vallehermoso
»Plaza de Vallehermoso

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Agulo – a picture perfect village

Embalse de la Palmita
»Embalse de la Palmita
Midway between Hermigua and Vallehermoso there lies, nestled down in the rocky slopes with a beautiful view at the sea, the idyllic picure-book village Agulo from the 17th century. Tenerife's volcano "Pico del Teide" is looming at the horizon out of the omnipresent expansive blue surface of the Atlantic Ocean.

»our most beautiful pictures of Agulo

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National Park Garajonay – the mystical forest

The green soul of La Gomera is waiting for the hiker: The National Park Garajonay is for sure a fairy forest, and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986. Moss-covered gnarled trees are combing humidity out of the trade winds. Lichen, moss and ferns are covering the soft ground and trunks.

»our most beautiful pictures of the National Park Garajonay
enchanted forest
»enchanted forest
UNESCO World Heritage
»UNESCO World Heritage

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Playa de Santiago – endless summer

fishing village
»fishing village
Barranco de la Rajita
»Barranco de la Rajita
The little fishing village Playa de Santiago in the South of La Gomera is famous for the year-round summer temperatures. Things proceed in a peaceful manner, everyone is relaxed, watching the fishing boats passing by, or playing golf at "Tecina Golf".

»our most beautiful pictures of Playa de Santiago

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Valle Gran Rey – the Valley of the Great King

Between Valle Gran Rey's steep rock walls lies an enthralling, farmed landscape. This breathtaking scenery delights the eye, with its terraces of crops, date palms, fruit trees and flowers stretching across the slopes on both sides of the serpentine road leading down to the coast.

»our most beautiful pictures of Valle Gran Rey
Valley of the Great King
»Valley of the Great King
memorable sunset
»memorable sunset

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